Sonata Acoustic Products are the result of constant innovation and re-search by Sound Control Pty Ltd. To ensure best suited service and to meet the changing requirements of our clients and the industry, we have constantly modified and optimised our products over the years. Today, the Sonata Acoustic Products range comprises of various products as briefly outlined below.

Sound Control has vast experience in design and fabrication of large scale Tunnel Ventilation Attenuation projects. Transport tunnels are frequently located in urban areas with noise sensitive requirements.

Our designs provide suitable attenuation for both inlet and discharge portions of the tunnel ventilation project. Knowledge in design and manufacture has led Sound Control to the development of large splitter assemblies for installation into tunnel shafts and plenums.

Features of the Tunnel Splitter Assembly are:

  • ISO7235 – Silencer Test Facility
    • Full range of performance data available to suit varying project requirements.
  • Fully engineered design.
    • FEA, CFD, Seismic, Fatigue Life, Fire Analysis.
    • Various Splitter thicknesses for specific insertion loss and pressure drop performance.
    • Certified lifting points provided for all lifted elements.
    • Detailed installation instructions provided.
  • Modular designs to suit all installations:
    • Modules sized to enable efficient transport and installation.
    • Easy site manoeuvrability and handling.
    • Reduced labour costs to install modules into structural plenums.
    • Fully scalable design enabling suitability to all sizes of air paths.
  • Fabricated in stainless or coated steels to suit design life criteria. 

Completed Projects:

  • Airport Link – Brisbane.
  • NSBT “Clem7” – Brisbane.
  • Perth Metro Rail Tunnel – Perth.
  • ECRL “Parramatta Rail Link” – Sydney.

Sound Control Pty Ltd has vast experience in controlling noise pollution from gas turbines that is a priority for many Government and Environmental bodies. Our designs provide optimised attenuation for both inlet and exhaust applications that ensures the facility meets the relevant design criteria. The operational conditions of gas turbines require advanced engineering expertise from material selection, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and manufacturing/welding of which Sound Control is eminently qualified.

Design Features Include:

  • Standard or bespoke design to suit various applications and arrangements.
  • Circular or rectangular in design.
    • Unique non-welded fixing methods for internal silencer element to accommodate rapid thermal expansion experienced on GT start-up.
    • Specialty bagged absorptive materials ‘pillows’.
  • Noise reduction capabilities from 10 dB(A) to 50dB(A).
  • Minimal pressure loss to allow maximum GT efficiency.
  • Manufacture in a variety of materials including Coated Steel, Stainless Steel and speciality alloys, capable of handling temperature.

Optional Extras:

  • Acoustically and thermally rated expansion joints manufactured to suit attenuator cases (optional extra).
  • Exhaust Stack:
    • Designed to accommodate environmental loads.
    • Fabrication – AS4100, AS1554.

Completed Projects:

  • Yurralyi Maya Power Station 5 x 45MW LM6000, WA:
    • Exhaust Stacks, Exhaust Silencers, Inlet Silencers & Flexible Joints.
  • Parraburdoo Power Station 1 x 45MW LM6000, WA:
    • Exhaust Stacks, Exhaust Silencers, Inlet Silencers & Flexible Joints.
  • Senior Thermal? LM2500, WA:
    • Exhaust Silencers.
  • Roma Power Station 2 x 40MW Frame 6, QLD:
    • Exhaust Silencers, Exhaust Plenums, Exhaust Stacks.

Sonata Vent Silencers are used to attenuate noise produced by the expansion of Gas & Steam from elevated pressures to atmospheric pressure.

Vent Silencers are an effective way of reducing high frequency noise produced at start up or when venting to atmosphere.  Sound Control has specific designs for either commissioning/steam blow or permanent operation projects.

Performance of Vent Silencers is achieved by a 2 stage noise reduction approach.

  • Stage 1 – provides sound reduction via the inlet diffuser. The diffuser is effective in attenuating frequencies of sound and distributing the flow evenly to the 2nd stage.
  • Stage 2 – sound reduction comprises of absorptive elements positioned within the silencer case thus absorbing acoustic energy out of the gas stream prior to exiting to atmosphere.

Design features of Vent and Blowdown silencers may include:

  • Inlet diffuser:
    • Design – AS1210.
    • Welding – AS3992, AS4041.
    • NDT – AS4037.
      • 100% NDT completed on all inlet diffusers manufactured by Sound Control.
  • Noise Attenuation upwards to 30 dB(A) depending on flow and temperature conditions.
  • Flanged Single or Multiple Inlets.
  • Multi-stage diffuser designs available.
  • Acoustically lined cases with absorptive elements.
  • Material selection dependent on conditions. Typical design includes:
    • Painted Carbon Steel Diffuser & Casing.
    • Austenitic Stainless Steel used for elements in the gas stream.

Completed Projects:

  • RTAY Sky Valve 2 – Gladstone, QLD.
  • BIEP Refinery – Brisbane, QLD.
  • QGC –
  • RCR – WA

Sonata Exhaust Silencers or Mufflers as they are commonly known, are suitable for the noise reduction of Exhaust Gases emitting from internal combustion engines, vacuum pump intake and discharge lines and similar equipment.

We have over 35 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing Exhaust Silencers to suit all engine exhaust gas configurations. Our Sonata range of exhaust silencers are designed to suit a wide range of engine capacities and various fuel sources, including;  Natural gas, Methane, Diesel, heavy fuel and dual fuel.

  • Exhaust Silencer designs are offered as either a combination of reactive and absorptive elements providing maximum attenuation at all frequency bands or as a reactive unit centering on discreet frequencies.
  • Commonly, a combination of reactive and absorptive designs are provided where “Super critical” silencing is needed to meet the requirements of noise sensitive locations.
  • Sound Control’s Silencer Range are offered as:
    • Industrial Grade – 20 dB reduction (SCM)
    • Residential Grade – 25 dB reduction (SCMR)
    • Critical Grade – 35 dB reduction (SCMRA)
    • Speciality Grade – greater than 35 dB are available

Design Features Include:

  • Standard or bespoke design to suit various applications and arrangements.
  • Circular or rectangular in design.
  • Low velocity and pressure loss designs
  • Manufactured in a variety of materials including Coated Steel, Stainless Steel and speciality alloys, capable of handling temperature.
  • Tested and proven designs specifically for gas engines, detonation protection.

Optional Extras:

  • Expansion Bellows
  • Thermal Insulation Blankets
  • Exhaust Stacks
  • Spark Arrestor
  • Steel Support Frames and Structures
  • Flange Kits including gaskets and fixings
  • Hydrostatic Testing

Completed Projects:

  • Lihir Power Station 1 x 19MW Wartsila Low Speed Diesel replacement unit.
    • Exhaust Silencers, Flexible Bellows.
  • Owen Springs Power Station 3 x 11.5MW MAN Diesel Low Speed Diesels
    • Exhaust Silencers, Exhaust Stacks, Pipework Spools, Flexible Joints.
  • Ichthys On Shore LNG Facility, 6 x 2.7MW Diesel Gen Sets
    • Exhaust Silencers, Exhaust Pipework, Thermal Lagging Kits
  • Channel Island Power Station 1 x 1675 kVa Exhaust Silencer
    • Exhaust Silencers, Exhaust Pipework, Exhaust Stacks.

Power Gen Packages supplied by Sound Control have been supplied to Industry leaders for over 35 years. Our highly flexible design approach allows customised solutions and designs beneficial to our customers’ needs.

The engineered and tested designs of Sound Control provide optimum sound transmission loss incorporating attenuated ventilation paths, access doorways, exhaust silencing and structural bases. Ancillary works such as diesel fuel tanks, electrical services and pipe fitting are available.

Design Features offered include:

  • Complete packaging, shipping and commissioning.
    • Vibration mounting
    • Airflow and Noise calculations
    • Offsite and site testing for air and noise
    • Structural certification and Lifting plan provision
  • Low noise level Engine Exhaust Silencers for package noise level requirements.
  • Sound Enclosure Ratings of 85 dB (A) to 50 dB (A) at 1m offered.
  • Manufactured in a variety of materials including Coated Steel and Stainless Steel
  • Speciality protective paint finishes provided to meet industry standards
  • Standard or bespoke design to suit various applications and arrangements.
  • Enclosures for Stationery and Mobile operations.
  • Actuated Ventilation Dampers and Mist Eliminators for IP55 ratings.
  • Exhaust Pipework, Radiator and Diesel Fuel Pipework , Single and Bunded Tanks

Power Gen Enclosure Types

  • Custom Design built from the ground up. Includes complete Gen Set Operations.
  • Drop Over units requiring minimal site connection and easy handling.
  • Modified Shipping Container designs that is robust and easily relocatable.
  • Modular Designs “flat packed” kits for transport and site installation efficiencies.

Completed Projects

  • Inpex Darwin – 6 x 2.8MW Diesel Generator Set Packages
  • NBN Telstra Exchange Upgrade – 40kVa to 200 kVa Diesel Gen Set Packages
  • Motukea Power Station PNG – 4 x 1020 kW Diesel Gen Set Noise Attenuation Packages
  • QGC – 200 kVa Gas Generator Acoustic Enclosures


Sonata Acoustic Louvres, engineered by Sound Control provide optimum acoustic performance suitable for a diverse range of applications.

While providing high acoustic performance and low air flow restriction, Sonata SCL Series Louvres provide a satisfying external aesthetic finish whilst maintaining a sturdy appearance when installed into steelwork and pre-formed openings.

SCL Series Acoustic Louvres are specified as:

  • SCL 200 …….. 200mm Deep
  • SCL 400 ……… 400mm Deep
  • SCL 600 ……… 600mm Deep

A full range of tested acoustic performance is offered on the extrapolated range of louvres with an Rw 25 rating being our highest performer on the SCL 600 series.

Typical Acoustic Louvre Applications                                                                                                    

  • Plant room ventilation
  • Industrial and Processing Plant ventilation apertures
  • Ventilation to acoustic equipment enclosures
  • Air conditioning installations and cooling towers
  • Power generation equipment
  • Outdoor air ventilation systems
  • Refrigeration plant

Design Features Include:

  • Tested Performance
  • Excellent noise reduction for use of space
  • Choices of materials & finishes provided
  • Manufactured to a maximum height and width of 3600mm
  • Supplied in module form allowing large openings to be infilled
  • Vermin mesh screens and face fixing angles available as optional extras

Completed Projects:

  • ABC Studios – Southbank Brisbane
  • Cairns Base Hospital – Air-conditioning Plant Room
  • Ferny Grove Tavern – Refrigeration Plant
  • QGC – Gas Engine Enclosure
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Sound Control supply the HVAC Industry their Sonata Attenuators for a vast array of mechanical services noise reduction applications. The acoustic performance (insertion loss) has been tested in accordance to ISO 7235:2003 with pressure drop losses minimized due to tapered splitter designs.

Our passive design provides both high and low broad band attenuation along with low air flow restriction. Sonata SC Series Attenuators can be supplied in standard galvanized steel sheet fabrication or in either stainless steel or aluminium materials for speciality requirements.

SC Series Attenuators are specified as:

  • SCA / 67 / 1200 …….. 200mm THICK by the closed area by length
  • SCB / 73 / 900 ……… 300mm THICK by the closed area by length
  • SCTT ………                 Combination SPLITTER Design

Silencer performance is predicted by the degree closed area and length of silencer.

Lengths of Silencer range from 600mm to 3000mm.

Circular Silencers are either podded or unpadded.

Higher performing units are available in our Tunnel Attenuator Product line.

Standard configurations are supplied in Rectangular / Square / Circular designs.

Typical Silencer Applications                                                                                                    

  • Plant Room and Car Park Supply and Return Ducts.
  • Room to Room Attenuation.
  • Ventilation Shafts.
  • Air Handling Units and Cooling towers.
  • Outdoor Air Ventilation systems
  • Refrigeration plant

Design Features Include:

  • Tested Performance.
  • Excellent noise reduction for use of space.
  • Choices of materials & finishes provided.
  • Manufactured to connect to standard ductwork connections.
  • Supplied in module form allowing large openings to be infilled.
  • Vermin mesh screens and matching fixing angles available as optional extras.

Completed Projects:

  • ABC Studios – Southbank Brisbane
  • Cairns Base Hospital – Air-conditioning Plant Room
  • Ferny Grove Tavern – Refrigeration Plant
  • QGC – Gas Engine Enclosure

Sound Control has been manufacturing Acoustic Doors for over three decades. Our vast experience in design and fabrication of Acoustic Door Sets has seen the Sonata Door be installed in Performing Arts Centres to large scale Oil and Gas Processing Plants.

Sonata Door types achieve the tested door rating by use of a system comprising of Door Leaf, Door Jamb and Door Seals. Door configurations include single and pairs of doors, sliding and multiple leaf type door sets. All door systems can be manual, electric or hydraulically operated.

Standard Models

  • Rw – 40 – S ………. 100mm thick steel
  • Rw – 46 – S ………. 110mm thick steel
  • Rw – 45 – T ………. 53mm Timber
  • Rw – 50 – T ………. 60mm Timber

Typical Industrial and Commercial Applications

  • Cinemas, Concert Halls and Recording Studios
  • Control Rooms
  • Water Booster and Treatment Plants
  • Engine Test Cells
  • Interview and Conference Rooms


Benefits of using Sonata Acoustic Doors

  • Guaranteed Performance, tested to AS/NZS ISO 717.1:2004 (Test Certificates available).
  • Door frames are supplied in pressed metal or fabricated steel sections suitable for door purpose. Timber frames are available upon request.
  • Acoustic Seals fitted provided as standard issue with all door rating systems
  • Sturdy Robust construction with minimal maintenance needed.
  • Heavy duty ball bearing stainless steel hinges used on all door types’ manufactured.
  • Timber, Steel Clad Timber, Painted Galvabon Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel finishes available.

Completed Projects:                                                                                      

  • SA Water Desalination Project – Adelaide.
  • Unity Water Booster Pump Stations – Sunshine Coast QLD
  • Mackay Beaches High School – Mackay NQ.
  • Hastings Deering – Rockhampton Dyno Test Cells
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Acoustic Enclosures manufactured by Sound Control have been supplied to a vast array of industry groups that has led us to become one of the major suppliers across the nation. Enclosure designs range from skid mounted or drop over type enclosures to modular interlocking panel systems used for full or partial enclosing of equipment.

The engineered and tested designs of Sound Control provide optimum sound transmission loss to achieve specified noise levels. Incorporated into the designs can be sound attenuated ventilation paths, access doorways and lifting devices to name a few.

Design Features offered include:

  • Complete packaging, shipping and commissioning.
    • Vibration mounting
    • Airflow and Noise calculations
    • Offsite and site testing for air and noise
    • Structural certification and Lifting plan provision
  • Acoustic Panel performance ranging from Rw 37 to Rw 41
  • Sound Enclosure Ratings of 85 dB(A) to 50 dB(A) at 1m
  • Manufactured in a variety of materials including Coated Steel and Stainless Steel
  • Speciality protective paint finishes provided to meet industry standards
  • Standard or bespoke design to suit various applications and arrangements.
  • Enclosures for Indoor and Outdoor applications including Cyclonic area operation
  • Use of the tongue and groove panel system allowing ease of shipping and installation

Applications for the Sonata Acoustic Enclosure

  • Generator Set Canopies
  • Compressor and Blower Enclosures
  • Operations and Control Rooms
  • Gas Turbine Enclosures
  • Noise Screens and Barriers
  • Booster Pump Cover


Completed Projects

  • Channel Island Power Station – 1675 kVa Diesel Gen Set Acoustic Package
  • NBN Telstra Exchange Upgrade – 40-200 kVa Diesel Gen Set Packages
  • SA Water – Valve Enclosures
  • QGC – Gas Generator Acoustic Enclosures
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sonata_acoustic_materials_-_on_products_pageSound Control have available a range of Sonata Acoustic Materials, which can be used in a multitude of installations and are designed to provide varied Acoustic Performance. All products are fully tested and approved for all Australian conditions, and to assist we can provide comprehensive product data on request.

Use of Soundproofing materials is when reduction of structure borne noise is required in Transport vehicles such as Locomotives, Luxury Marine Cruisers and Road Transport such as Buses, Ambulances, Truck Cabins, Off-raod and Earth-moving Equipment. Soft absorptive treatments are used to reduce undesirable extended reverberation times (echoes) within spaces such as that found in public areas, recording studios, auditoriums, teaching facilities, restuarants and shopping centres.

A vast array of noise problems can be solved with the correct choice of materials or custom made products designed to suit the environment intended. Sound Control’s extensive knowledge and experience will assist in design and consultation of the selected product as well as providing full costing analysis.

We use and distribute the range of “Soundguard” product, a leader in the Acoustic Materials Industry, manufacturing some of the most advanced materials available in the world today.

Product Identification:

  • Sound Absorbing foams
  • Composite sandwich barrier/foam product
  • Dampening sheet and sound paint are all used in a diverse range of industries.
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sonata_acoustic_panels_-_on_products_pageSound Control Pty Ltd manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of different types of Sonata Acoustic paneling designed to suit applications within any project where sound absorption, aesthetics and practicality for function is needed. If the objective is to enhance the properties of sound by improving speech clarity and sound quality, the answer is sound absorption.

These panels can be supplied pre-finished and custom sized to match any décor in fabric finishes, timber veneer or painted metallic finish. Utilizing materials manufactured by leaders in the Acoustic Textile and Fabric Industry, Sound Control is able to deliver a solution to any noise problem. All products used conform to AS1045-1998 “Measurement of absorption coefficients in a reverberation room” and can be issued with Material Data Sheets.

High ceilings and Large open spaces amplify sounds that bounce off hard reflective surfaces, creating echoes and increased noise levels. To reduce these effects, sound absorptive materials are essential and can be provided in various forms for the function intended. Typically metal coverings with absorptive infill’s are used in industrial situations such as plantrooms where soft fabric or architectural coverings are used in commercial applications.

Traditionally, metal faced acoustic lining systems comprise of an absorptive lining being secured to the intended surface and faced with a heavy duty perforated metal covering. Use of formed metal sheeting has allowed larger spans and coverage of areas to be achieved with reduced installation time. As with most metals, corrosion and surface protection finishes are paramount with stainless steels and powder coat finishes being an alternative to standard Galvabond finishes. Higher corrosive resistance materials such as “ZAM” or Stainless Steel, including a non-staining ferretic Stainless Steel, can be supplied upon request.

A new range of sound absorption materials for wall and ceiling linings is also available where utilization of Thermal-bonded Film is supplied in board format, providing exceptional sound absorption capacity and high durability in hot and humid conditions.

Application of vibration damping materials to structures and panels dissipates the vibrational energy.

Sound Control distributes the “Soundguard” product range and has used it extensively.

The primary effects of damping treatments are:

  • Reduction of vibration amplitude at resonance.
  • A more rapid decay of free vibrations. This avoids the accumulation of energy due to a series of impacts.
  • Attenuation of structure-borne noise propagating along and through structures.

Examples of resonant vibration involving repeated impacts:

  • Materials falling into and onto holding vessels or hoppers
  • Chutes and ductwork that are pneumatically conveying particles such as rock, stone or wood-chip.

They are provided as:

  • sprayable compounds
  • flexible sheets
  • self adhesive
  • 2 pak paint on
  • heavy duty tiles

When discussing Mounts and Isolation Materials, it is useful to identify the three basic elements of the dynamic systems that will provide the best solution:

  1. The equipment (component, machine, motor, instrument, part etc)
  2. The support structure (floor, base-plate, supporting structure)
  3. The resilient member referred to as the isolator or mount (rubber pad or spring) which is interposed between the equipment and the support structure.

Structure borne noise is a major problem in all transport vehicles whether in the sea, land or sky and at Sound Control, we have a wide range of vibration damping treatments to reduce the noise path. Specialised isolation mounting systems are supplied to manufacturers of Locomotives and Luxury Marine craft, needing reductions to assist in shock and vibration control.

Sound Controll distribute a range of Barry Control mounts and others sourced for very specific use.


Studios, Universities & Teaching Institutions, Interview Rooms, Concert Halls,  Building Services, HVAC Systems, Trucks, Boats & Planes, Mining & Processing Equipment, Airports, Machinery Enclosures, Aesthetic & Architectural Applications, Marine Industry, Road and Rail Vehicles, Agricultural machinery, Building and Construction sectors, Manufacturing Industries, Commercial and Residential buildings.

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The name Industrial Silencer explains the industry group where you would find this type of Sound Reducing Silencer. Traditionally these types of silencers are heavily fabricated in a choice of materials with speciality finishes provided for environmental conditions that can be found in Power Stations, Chemical Plants, Process and Mining Installations.

Configurations of Silencers are commonly rectangular, square or circular with diffuser elements used where Gas or Steam expansion occurs. These Silencers can be reactive or absorptive or a combination of both. Splitter element configurations are designed to meet the acoustical performance for the intended purpose.


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